After selling its Emergency Notification Service division and redesigning its web site, Global Connect is more focused than ever on helping Accounts Receivable Management clients improve productivity, while maintaining compliance.

Mays Landing, NJ – July 10, 2013 – In the span of a few short months, Global Connect, the leading provider of cloud-based communication platforms, has sold its Emergency Notification division, redesigned its company web site, and released new enhancements to its cloud-based dialer, GC1 Peak Dialer.  For Accounts Receivable Management clients, these accomplishments represent even more strength and focus from the company that has been offering increased productivity and profit for more than a decade.

“Global Connect has its roots in Accounts Receivable Management, and now, more than ever, we are devoting our time and resources to help ARM clients succeed,” said Darrin Bird, Chief Operating Officer of Global Connect.  “The new enhancements to the GC1 Peak Dialer serve as a great example of our ongoing commitment to progress and development.”

GC1 Peak Dialer users now have access to the following new features and functionality:

Automated Call List Regeneration– Clients have the ability to set recall attempts based on all call results and disposition codes, providing enhanced control over the numbers, timing and frequency of additional call attempts.  The functional user interface offers the development of multiple Call List Regeneration Strategies, allowing the client to select the best strategy based on the client or call tactic.


Agent Group Roll Over– This feature allows clients to identify secondary agent groups to handle inbound calls when the primary agents are busy.  Since the calls automatically roll over to an available secondary agent group, clients can rely on the fact that inbound calls will be handled quickly.


FTP Call Strategies and Campaign Profiler – With this feature, clients can dynamically select from multiple preset strategies by simply navigating an FTP directory that allows them to activate or deactivate any option, feature or strategy.  Clients can select the desired strategy, such as call home numbers on weekends and call place of employment during the week, early in the morning, allowing them and their agents to work more efficiently and effectively throughout the day.


Enhancements in Compliance Suite – This all-in-one user interface allows clients to manage dialer compliance, offering features such as Do Not Call by state and area code and time zone restrictions by state, area code and zip code.  The Compliance Suite’s newest feature, Call Counter and Call Suppression by Phone Type, tracks call counts on a daily, weekly, monthly, or other basis, as desired.  Clients can review and manage all compliance settings in one user interface.


In addition, the newly designed Global Connect web site (www.gc1.com in the United States or www.gc1.ca in Canada) offers current and prospective clients information regarding the company’s products and services.  “Global Connect is moving forward with new enhancements to the GC1 Peak Dialer, a strong and loyal client base, and firm commitment to the Accounts Receivable Management industry,” said Bird.  “This is the perfect time to introduce – or reintroduce – Global Connect to our clients, prospects and industry partners.”


About Global Connect

Global Connect, the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, is a privately held company with corporate offices in Mays Landing, New Jersey.  The company supports thousands of clients utilizing seven regional sales and service offices throughout the United States and Canada.  Global Connect has Data Centers in Pennsylvania, New York and Canada.  For more information on Global Connect, call 1-888-421-4151 or visit www.gc1.com in the United States or www.gc1.ca in Canada.