Proper Procedures/Processes for Documenting Consent to Call for Cell Phone Numbers Will Prove To Be A Competitive Advantage

On June 18, 2015 the FCC voted on and passed regulation that will increase the regulatory burden placed on the use of modern day technology. Most notably, the rules governing the use of an ATDS are changing.
In most cases, it is imperative that consent is obtained to dial a cell phone. Global Connect recommends to each of its client partners to implement and follow strict procedures for documenting and maintaining the proper audit trail for the received consent to call the recipient’s cell phone number.

A few recommendations:
• Ensure your collection software or system of record has the ability to notate if consent has been received
• Audit each account and where consent has been granted, notate in the collection software or system of record.
• Formalize a process for situations where consent is revoked to make sure it is captured and account information is updated in a timely fashion. A typical timeframe would be within 24 hours.
• All accounts where consent has been revoked should be reviewed by a manager or similar position
• Ask for and maintain the terms and conditions from your clients, so you know first- hand what the consumer agreed to
• Audit, Audit, Audit, create an environment of strict adherence to compliance

Global Connect, through its cloud based platform has features readily available to help with adherence to the TCPA regulations. Features such as manual dialing options, call recording, cell phone scrub, call monitoring and auditing capabilities, agent and campaign analytics as well as many call count scrubs and time zone curfew features.

As your client partner, Global Connect continues to spend a significant amount of time and money working with various associations, attorneys and lobbyist in Washington, DC for more fair and balanced regulation.
Just recently Global Connect attended an ACA event in Washington, DC with the main emphasis on the regulatory environment and to our sad surprise, Global Connect was just one of three other vendors that attended this conference and we were the only vendor what would be labeled as “Dialer” in attendance. If we are going to win more fair and balanced regulation, please encourage your vendors to get involved as they have no problem taking your money but it is time we all put some back.

Once the final order is published for the new rules governing the TCPA, Global Connect along with other industry associations will participate in providing up to date information regarding compliance.
Where possible, Global Connect will continue to enhance its compliance suite to add safeguards and /or features to allow our client partners to stay on the right side of the regulations.

To listen to the FCC meeting that was held on June 18th, please click on the link below.