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Global Connect offers cloud-based dialer solutions designed to help clients maximize productivity, effectiveness, security, compliance and return on investment. With virtually unlimited calling capacity, the GC1 Peak Dialer combines the functionality of a premise-based dialer with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based system. From Agent User Interface/Screen Pop to Skill-Based Routing, and from Inbound and Outbound Call Blending to Call Recording Search and Retrieval, GC1 Peak Dialer offers state-of-the-art features that help agents spend their time more efficiently, while helping managers track and improve productivity.

Like the GC1 Peak Dialer, Global Connect’s Voice Messaging System make it easy for accounts receivable management clients to reach thousands of contacts within minutes. Custom Layered Messaging, Direct-Connect to a Call Center, and Text-to-Speech features allow personalized, interactive calls, while Talk-Off Recordings and Online Real-Time Reporting features are valuable tools for training and evaluation.

The security features of both the GC1 Peak Dialer and the Voice Messaging System make it easy to meet the strictest of privacy regulations, while embedded compliance functionality helps clients abide by federal and state call restrictions. Since there are no upfront fees, hardware or software expenses, Global Connect offers clients a no-risk, high-reward opportunity to improve performance, productivity, and, ultimately, profit.

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Global Connect’s state of the art features allow us to optimize our efficiency and maximize return for our clients.  We appreciate the fact that the system is cloud-based, which means that we were not required to purchase any hardware or software. It also means that the dialer can adapt quickly to changing legislation and call regulations. The system is not only flexible and adaptable, but also secure, offering us data security and privacy compliance.
We also appreciate the fact that Global Connect places just as much importance on service, and on people, as we do.  Not only does the company offer 24-hour support every day of the year, but the level of assistance offered by each and every customer service representative is consistently high.
In today’s competitive business environment, it can be difficult to stand out from others who offer similar products and services. Clients want both results and service, which in our industry, requires a combination of the best people and the best technology. By partnering with a national vendor like Global Connect, who shares the same dedication to people and technology, we are able to give our clients the results they expect – and the service they deserve.

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